Welcome to Keen Psychiatry, PLLC

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Corinna Keenmon, MD, FAPA, a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry. Located in the Smith Tower of Houston Methodist Hospital within the Texas Medical Center (TMC), our office provides both in-person and virtual psychiatric services for adults of all ages.  Step into our newly renovated office, designed with your comfort in mind. Experience a calming and private space where you can feel at ease. Convenient self-parking and valet parking options are available in the Smith Tower parking garage, ensuring a hassle-free visit.  Take a moment to enjoy the amenities Smith Tower has to offer, including a Starbucks Coffee shop and Alonti Cafe. Whether you fancy a quick coffee or a bite to eat, these options provide a delightful opportunity to enhance your experience before or after your appointment.  At Keen Psychiatry, we prioritize your well-being and aim to create an inviting and accommodating environment for your mental health journey.

Why Choose Dr. Corinna Keenmon

  • Unparalleled training & experience

    • With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Keenmon has a proven track record in treating challenging mental health conditions.
    • Dr. Keenmon specializes in addressing the unique mental health needs of older adults and individuals with medical complexities.
    • She completed a Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship at UCLA and is Board-Certified in Psychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology.
  • Specialized care

      • Geriatric Psychiatry– Dr. Keenmon is a seasoned board-certified geriatric psychiatrist, specializing in the meticulous evaluation and targeted care of older adults. She takes a methodical approach, entailing a comprehensive assessment leading to the formulation of a tailored treatment plan. This plan is designed not only to address the cognitive and emotional challenges faced by adults of advanced age but also to encompass challenges faced by the caregiver and family members. Within this framework, common presenting concerns, such as memory deficits, late-life depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances, are deftly managed. Dr. Keenmon strives to elevate the standards of geriatric psychiatric care, ensuring a holistic and nuanced approach that acknowledges the multifaceted nature of mental health in the elderly.
      • Family and Caregiver Support- Many older adults rely on the assistance of loved ones, be it children, relatives, or caregivers, for necessary care and support. Dr. Keenmon brings valuable experience in offering emotional support, providing helpful resources, and offering guidance to family members and caregivers.
      • Care of Licensed Professionals-  For licensed professionals, such as physicians or attorneys, the pursuit of mental health treatment introduces a unique set of challenges. The demanding nature of their professions often entails heightened stress levels, challenges in maintaining a harmonious work-life balance, strained interpersonal relationships, and restricted opportunities for adequate sleep. Dr. Keenmon recognizes and addresses these distinctive challenges by offering psychiatric care tailored to the nuanced needs of licensed professionals. Deliberate considerations are undertaken, including the discreet management of mental health records through conventional paper documentation, minimizing waiting times in the reception area, and facilitating limited interactions with clinic staff to preserve privacy and confidentiality.  For established clientele, Dr. Keenmon extends comprehensive support by assisting with documentation requirements, including but not limited to Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork, short-term disability forms, and work accommodations. This commitment ensures a seamless integration of mental health care into the professional lives of clients while prioritizing their privacy, efficiency, and overall well-being. 
      • Adult Psychiatric CareDr. Corinna Keenmon elevates the treatment experience with her warm and non-judgmental care. Embracing a holistic and collaborative approach, she empowers every individual to embark on a personalized path to mental well-being. Discover a compassionate and caring guide on your unique journey to better mental health.
  • Accessibility

    • All psychiatric care is provided by Dr. Corinna Keenmon.
    • Friendly, professional front office staff.
    • Phone calls and messages are answered promptly, usually on the same business day.
    • Offering in-person and virtual visits for your convenience.
    • Dr. Keenmon guides you through emergencies and is affiliated with Houston Methodist.